Monday, December 31, 2012


I have never been fan of New Years Eve. After years of something always going terribly wrong and the night turning out a complete disaster I have grown to pretty much avoid all things New Years Eve related. But Monster is old enough now that given the opportunity, she could really have fun with it.

When I was a kid my parents always had a platter of crackers with meat and cheese and sparkling grape juice. My sisters and I would take turns "serving" everyone, as if we were at a fancy party. Maybe I will run to the store this afternoon and pick some stuff up to pass down the tradition.

Thanks to YouTube we can even watch a video of the ball dropping from a past year. This way she won't have to miss out on it entirely. There is no way she is staying up late enough to watch the real deal.

This afternoon we can make party hats and noise makers.
I will teach her: What makes a year? What is a resolution? And why do we make them?
(Confession: I think New Year's resolutions are a bunch of B.S. Maybe that's because I have never been able to keep one (I know I'm not alone here). I have just never liked the idea of making promises to myself just to break them a month or so later).
I suppose it wouldn't hurt to come up with something. After all, I'm going to be explaining to her that everyone has room for improvement. Goals to work towards. There should be no reason I can't make a promise to her to better myself in some way. Let her hold me accountable.

Now to come up with a realistic resolution...

If you are looking for a book you can read your preschooler/kindergartener on the subject, has a digital copy Barn Yard Betty's First Ever New Year's Resolution by Claire Wynne as low as free with Amazon Prime.

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  1. I Hope you always make a resolution, just try to make one that you can keep, even if it is just for you