Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thankful Thursday no. 6: Slow Cooker

Today I am thankful for my slow cooker. If my it were to stop working I would be at a complete loss as to how to prepare enough meals to keep my family happy. My dad gave mine to me a couple years ago and since then I have used it a lot! I mean 3-4 times a week a lot. In fact I have a pork butt cooking away in it right now. Using it so so simple and pretty hard to mess up. I throw my ingredients in, turn it on, and come back to a delicious meal. I mainly use mine for cooking meats but I have tried potatoes. Lately I have been scouring the internet for less conventional slow cooker uses. Breads, soups, deserts, and the such. I had no idea until recently that you could do so much with it so I am really excited to spread my slow cooker wings.

This is the slow cooker I own. It has been a hard little worker and it's held up through a lot:
Also, if you don't like cleaning your slow cooker, Reynolds makes a liner that works wonders. I have had them leak some but even then the mess is so much easier to clean up!

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