Sunday, January 13, 2013

Desperatly Seeking Diaper Help!

Confession time: We use sposies at night. Its not something I'm proud of, but I hadn't been able to find a cloth solution that worked for Alien. Sposies were working for us up until now. He had been waking up dry and we are not spending that much extra since we only use one per day. However recently he has started to basically nurse all. night. long. He still wakes up dry, but immediately upon waking in the morning he poops. And all over his jammies it goes. He even stained his best sleep sack. I'm sure I could find a cloth route that would work, but we just don't have funds to experiment. So I need help! If you have had a similar experience please share what has worked for you. I would really like to remove disposables from our lives altogether. I know fitteds with wool covers work great for most babies but wool is expensive and I don't think its the best option if he is going to be pooping all over it.

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  1. Hope you'll find a solution soon!

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