Monday, December 3, 2012

Traveling With Kids

The other day my family and I loaded up the truck and took off on a seven hour road trip to visit family. We stopped at a Subway along the way to (obviously) get a bite to eat and change Alien. I head to the ladies room and surprise: no changing table. There is next to no room to change him in the truck not to mention it is freezing outside so I had to change him on my lap while sitting on the toilet. Next we get our food and head to table. I go to grab a highchair but the label states not to use with children under 2 and really it was more of a booster seat than anything. So I have to eat my meal with him on my lap. Not that I don't love holding my squishy but I prefer not to spill food on his head. Not a very family friendly place. So that's my rant...

What do you just love about traveling with children?

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