Saturday, January 26, 2013

Moster has a cold, and it is adorable

Monster has had a cold for the past couple days. In fact, the other night we thought we were going to be taking her to the doctor for croup. A few minutes by the steamy shower and the bark was gone but the next day it was replaced with a slimy runny nose, cough, and watery eyes.

The way she refers to her symptoms is so unbelievably cute. I have to force myself not to laugh. For instance, she came up to me yesterday morning and asked me sadly why her eyes were sweaty.

And I'm sure it is just me but she looks adorable when she is cute. Her face all red and puffy, eyes swollen half shut. Don't get me wrong, it breaks by heart to see her like that because I know she feels awful, but she is still cute. Oh, a mother's love.

She also was drinking Traditional Medicinals Just for Kids Organic Cold Care Tea. She looked so grown up sipping on warm tea. I hope it helps her recover a little quicker. If nothing else, I would like to think the tea was soothing. I know when I have a sore throat or cold drinking tea helps me feel better.

For dinner tonight I made Chicken & Dumpling soup. I wish I could share the recipe with you all but it is an old family recipe and I actually know how much of anything I put into it. I just add ingredients to the dumpling dough until it feels right and shake in seasonings until the broth tastes right. I started it at 9:00 this morning and let it simmer on the stove all day long. Monster loves my dumplings so it was my way of getting her to eat chicken noodle soup. I'm hoping that between the tea, soup, and extra hugs and kisses she will have a quick, medicine free, recovery.

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  1. I remember the funny things my little girls would say, kids say the darnest things, hope monster feels better soon